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"Celebrating 60 Years Of Continued Ministry"


The Byrd Family 41 Years Ago

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This is a picture of The Byrd Family in 1972.

You might recognize Gov. Lester Maddox

holding our oldest daughter, Becky. 

This photo had disappeared for 35 years. 


Papa Byrd, Randy, Mary


Papa Byrd Center with Sam on left  and Joseph Christian on the right.

These are two of Papa Byrd's great grandchildren 

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The Byrd Family Ministry Team, taking the good news of Jesus Christ to those in need. The Byrd Family continues to proclaim the lovely name of "Jesus Christ" in Churches, Prisons, Nursing Homes, over Radio and Television, through the Internet Prayer Line, and our Outreach Ministry Programs.


Darvin "Papa" Byrd is praising the Lord during service at the Annual Anniversary Celebration of The Byrd Family ministry.  It was a great service.


Pastors Mary & Randy Byrd give you a warm welcome to contact The Byrd Family Ministry through our email address.  If you have prayer requests or praise reports to share with others, please let us know.  We have a prayer team that will pray with you and believe God for your miracle.  Remember Psalm 23 is a promise from God.  "The Lord Is Your Shepherd."

Contact The Byrd Family:                 byrd@wowway.com





Michael Guido


Joyce Meyer